About B&E

a professional manufacturer
of 3 and 5 part diff Hematology Analyzers


The global market of hematology analyzer remains steadily growing as it is one of the most widely used diagnostic tool in all kinds of clinical institutes. B&E has mature technology and rich experience in developing and manufacturing high quality hematology analyzers, electrolyte analyzers and their specific reagent. With its own capacity growing steadily, B&E is open and flexible to cooperate with potential partners based on OEM and ODM business modes. These business modes enable local distributors to promote analyzers under their own brand name and logo to their customers.

B&E is a good business partner to help you
explore opportunity and grow business in China market.
  • B&E Bio-technology

    -B&E has rich experience in registering foreign IVD products with Chinese regulatory authority.

  • Rich experience

    -B&E may act as your exclusive distributor to market and distribute your products across China.

  • GMP standards

    -B&E has modern manufacturing facility complying with GMP standards that can assembly a wide range of IVD instruments and produce various reagents. Lease agreement, OEM or joint-venture models are optional.